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Auction Start Date :  26 January 2016

Auction End Date : 09 February 2016

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The Theme Sale Wood is the only auction fully dedicated to professionals willing to buy or sell food and catering equipment.

Thanks to our network of 40.000 professional buyers from more than 40 countries, we reach the best price for your equipment.

Including your equipment within a Theme Sale is free of charge.

Auctelia is deal-focused, so 95% of listed equipment meets buyers and more than 10.000 items have been sold so far.

1.  Create a Pro Account on

2.  Log in and click on "create a sale".

3.  Select the theme sale of your choice.

4.  Insert the details and some pictures of the equipment.

5.  You receive a validation email when your equipment is online.

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What is the theme sale?

This is an online auction fully dedicated to a specific sector or activity. Unlike the other conventional auctions, this auction is open to all companies wishing to sell their equipment. 

What are the advantages?

Thanks to the theme sale, your equipment has a higher visibility than traditional sales. We create specific advertising campaigns to buyers in your sector.

How much does it cost ?

Uploading your equipment is free of charge on Auctelia. Auctelia is paid on a commission basis. This means that we receive a percentage of the best bid or best offer received.

Who can sell on Auctelia ?

Only professionals are allowed to list equipment for sale.

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Seller Testimonies

By using Auctelia, there are clearly many more potential buyers. They come from Europe and even beyond. In the end, we got a higher price than usual: around 15 to 20% more! So the results are definitely worth it

In the end, everything was sold in the best conditions; the Auctelia team is competent and very helpful. I can recommend them without reserve.

Bénédicte Jadoul

Purchasing Director - Carmeuse

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Georges Crucifix

Independant Joiner

Sold on Auctelia

Start Price : 750 €

Number of bids : 11

Final Price : 2.600 €

Convotherm Gas oven OGS 6.10

Deko 800S Slicer

Helios Packaging HSA Sleevers

Start Price : 250 €

Number of bids : 15

Final Price : 1.476 €

Start Price : 15.000 €

Number of bids : 23

Final Price : 28.000 €

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